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At Pure Clear Hemp, We Take Pride In Being A CBD Product Originator.


Which Means We Create All Our Amazing Hemp Oil Products From Scratch.


At Pure Clear Hemp, we spend thousands of hours testing and sampling our product to ensure they are of the highest standard possible. We also unlike many other CBD and hemp oil operations do not allow any white labeling of our products. So no matter what anyone tells you if it does not say “Pure Clear Hemp” on the bottle, then it is not an official Pure Clear Hemp product. Pure Clear Hemp is only sold under the Pure Clear Hemp brand name and is only available in the following flavors: Apple Pie CBD Oil, Banana CBD Oil, Blue Hawaiian CBD Oil, Cotton Candy CBD Oil, Fruit Punch CBD Oil, and Strawberry CBD Oil.

All of our products are currently made from Pure CBD isolate that is expertly flavored and professionally packaged. We ship all over the globe and offer free shipping on all orders over $200. All orders are discreetly credit card charged and shipped out right to your delivery address usually the same day you order. Making for very fast delivery. We also proudly offer phone sales via our convenient Pure Clear phone hotline. Simply call 1-(833) 587-4268 to place your Pure CLear Hemp order over the phone. Our phone staff is also movable during normal business hours for any questions or requests you may have about our products or your purchase. 

At Pure Clear Hemp, we take pride in being pioneers in the hemp oil and CBD oil industry and we look forwarding to coming up with even more amazing CBD products in the future. So please support us by ordering often, subscribing to our email list for special coupons and discounts, and of course, follow us on all of our awesome social media pages. Pure Clear Hemp is very active in the hemp community online and in the real world. So if you have an industry event that you would like us to participate in. Please call the Pure Clear Hemp Hotline during normal business hours and our staff will be happy to help you. 


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