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Throughout the world people are drawing more and more to the wonderful potential of CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis derived compound that retains quantities of THC less than .3%. The CBD marketplace is exploding over all of the popularity and draw that the compound has to offer. However, just as the FDA had issues with CBD in food in America, as does the FSA (Food Standards Agency) has issues with CBD in food in Europe. The CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) is a company that presides over the UK and Europe in hopes of establishing proper legislation around all forms of CBD.


Why Are They Disputing CBD?


Within the UK are millions of people who have begun enjoying the effects that CBD has to offer. CBD has the potential to give people a better quality of life by reducing pain, anxiety and other issues as well. So, it is understandable that people wish to explore the entire marketplace available for their product. One of these marketplaces would be the food industry. CBD food and drinks are already well distributed throughout the UK and people are loving it. However, the FSA has put CBD infused food and drink under the “novel food” category. The novel food category is basically what they call any food that has a substance that has not been tested to the company’s standards. Their dispute has formed around this novel food subject.


Novel Food Removal from Marketplace


The issue behind it all is that the FSA retains the ability to limit and/or remove products under the novel food category from being distributed to the public. If they wanted to, they could outlaw the use of CBD within food and drink. The CTA is strongly against this. They claim that there is already an extremely large amount of people who love CBD products. If the FSA were to take CBD products such as these off of the market, then it could impact the lives of many people within the UK. For now, the products will remain in regulation.