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CBD infused products are surfacing all over the world. From CBD topical creams, to CBD bath bombs, CBD vape pens and even CBD mattresses. However, have you ever tried out CBD coffee? CBD coffee has the potential benefits of coffee such as alertness and focus, while eliminating those post caffeine jitters. As all other CBD products, overuse is not recommended, but this product is taking the world by surprise and for good reason!


Why Mix CBD with Coffee?


If you haven’t tried out CBD yet, then you may be missing out on what millions of people call a better quality of life. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis derived compound from the Cannabis L. Sativa plant. Yes, that is the same plant that marijuana is derived from. However, legal CBD contains .3% THC or less. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient within marijuana that gets people high. This legal CBD is instead withdrawn from hemp! Fortunately, CBD retains all the positive effects that marijuana has on the body while eliminating the psychoactive effects. In this fashion, CBD can have great effects when mixed with products such as coffee.


Tips for Mixing CBD with Coffee


For those that are new to CBD, it is important to be very meticulous with the amounts you ingest. Seeing as CBD has effects that give you a better quality of life, it is easy to misuse the product. As with anything, using CBD in excess could eventually cause problems for your body. However, if you wish to try CBD coffee, it is important to start slow. Some companies sell CBD-infused coffee which is a great way to ingest if you already know how much CBD you show be having. On the other hand, if you’re unsure about the quantities you should ingest, a CBD dropper will allow you to slowly add more.

CBD has the potential to decrease stomach nausea, anxiety and potential jitters from coffee. Unfortunately, coffee still is able to cause stomach problems if you drink in large amounts. Due to the CBD counteracting the effect of the caffeine, it is extremely easy to intake too much. The biggest tip available, is start slow and limit yourself to a set amount of CBD coffee per day.