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Today the Pain Management Committee for the NFL and the NFL Players Association got together to discuss the legalities of allowing CBD into the league. Long now, have players and pro-CBD supporters been attempting to get CBD into the medical regimen of the Pain Management Committee for the NFL. They wanted to discuss the products that are available for use, the evidence of effects of CBD and whether or not allowing the use of CBD into the medical regimen could benefit the patients.


Ex-NFL Players Backing CBD


There has been plenty of ex-professional athletes that have come out in support of CBD over the past decade. They believe that CBD has a ton of medical benefits. Also, in hopes of future players to be able to take advantage of this wonderous compound, they’ve been trying to convince the league to use it in the medical regimen. The NFL has a strong stance against cannabis due to the psychoactive effects within marijuana. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the derivative of marijuana that gets you “high.” However, athletes like Rob Gronkowski see the benefits of this close cousin to marijuana. He has joined up with CBDMedic, a company that prides itself over their pain relief CBD topicals.


NFL Decisions on CBD


Although there has been an incredible increase of reports of positive benefits of CBD over the past year, there isn’t enough raw evidence for them to allow CBD into the medical regimen. The NFL Pain Management Committee have to deal with minor and major injuries all the time. In order for them to be doing their job perfectly, they need to have the required allowances from the NFL. They are definitely taking more notice to it and CBD has a promising future for eventually being accepted by the NFL. Until then, positive reports of CBD for more evidence are always good!