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In 3 months, it’ll have been a year since the Farm Bill of 2018 has been approved and sent through legislation. Since then CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabis derivatives have been flourishing at an exponential level. The blow out of CBD products is truly amazing. We are seeing the new era of cannabis unfolding right before our eyes. Products made from CBD are now available in a wide variety of options.


What CBD Products are those!?


The types of products made from CBD are truly incredible. Almost anyone can benefit from the variations that are available. Here some of the CBD products that you can buy:


CBD Tinctures


CBD Tinctures are usually orally ingested by the use of a dropper. You can drop the liquid directly into your mouth or add it to something you plan on eating or drinking. Pure Clear Hemp is our direct way for your perfect mixture of CBD tinctures. Grab a six pack that you choose yourself!


CBD Edibles


CBD edibles are always a go-to for beginners with CBD. Though I would say proceed with caution for these guys can give you a good go. Edibles come in all different varieties of shapes, types and flavors. From gummy bears to coffee! There is a plethora of items that contain CBD!


CBD Vapes


CBD Vapes are perfect for those that are already smoking or even vaping! An easy transition will be ahead of you. The oils are available for purchase and can be used to refill your vape kit whenever you’re running low!


CBD Pills


These are capsules that have CBD isolates within them. They are mixed with omega fatty acids to become a digestible form. These are perfect if you know the exact amount of CBD you wish to be taking at one time!


CBD Creams


CBD Creams are the perfect alternative for those that are not smokers or wish to ingest CBD products. It’s understandable, and these cool creams have some great benefits. Some are used for joint pain. Whereas other creams are even advertised as skin revitalizers and lotions.


Choose Your CBD Product


Whichever you decide, you’ll be in for a treat for switching to CBD. The benefits have been being announced and broadcasted by people all over the world. As more positive news continues to surface, we’ll all be given a better outlook on CBD products!